A Photo A Week Challenge :: Macro 52-1

I was reading a post recently over at the Digital Photography School with some tips for improving your photography.  One of them was to take on a personal project so I decided to do a 52 week challenge and create a photo each week following a theme.  Since I have just brought a macro lens decided to start out with macro as my focus.

A couple of years ago when I was doing a photography paper we had a week on macro photography.  One of the photos I sent in for the assignment was of a ladybird that was not macro (below) to show what I wanted to be able to take photos.  The day after I brought my macro lens my son found a yellow and black ladybird (which I have never seen before) and so to start this project I decided to share these two photos – of what I was dreaming for and one of the first macro shots I took.

I look forward to sharing the little things of the world that capture my interest

A bit of a disclaimer before we start I anticipate there will be times that I won’t get a photo online, and that I will probably change the focus some where along the way…  but I will endeavour to do my best starting with this…


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