Book Review: “Taking Stock” by Rob Sylvan

bk-takingstockWhen I first decided to give stock photography a go I read three books from different authors in about a week.  All of them gave helpful information in different areas to help me on my journey so I thought I would give you a quick overview of them so you can see if they might help you.  They each offer different perspectives and information that I found helpful starting out.

The first book I am going to review is “Taking Stock: Make Money in Microstock Creating Photos that Sell” by Rob Sylvan a designer come photographer who got involved around the time the microstock industry started.

This book gives an informative overview on what the microstock world looks like, how it started and how to make a start in the business.  It gives in-depth information on how to get started, inspiration, workflow and step by step instructions from shooting, processing to keywords and uploading your images.  If you are already an experienced photographer but wanting to start out in micro stock some of these things will be redundant, but it is still full of gems and advice for even the most seasoned photographers.

One of the things I enjoyed in this book is the highlighted photographers sections with photos, bio and tips from their experience.  It gives a perspective from different contributors from different walks of life and their experience in the industry.

My favourite quote from this book is…  “the camera takes the image, but it’s the photographer who makes the it”

The benefit of this book is it gives you an understanding of the overall process as well as the history of stock photography.  For beginners there are step by step guides and examples to help you on your way, where as the professional will enjoy some tricks of the trade and advice that will help them hone their skills and workflow.

My personal take away from this book is around shooting what you enjoy and enjoying what you do.  Rob sums it up in the last paragraph in his book saying “… follow your own interests and passions.  Let the authenticity in your work be the engine of your success, and have fun!”

You can get a copy of the e-book here
Check out his website sylvanworks

Look out for my other reviews coming soon:

“Microstock Money Shots” by Ellen Boughn
“Get started in Stock” by Steve Heap

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