Rework 52-01 New Photo a Week Challenge

It took me a long time to decide to continue on and do another weekly photo challenge this year.  Last year my motivation had been so that I would delve deeper into macro photography after I brought a new lens for myself.  As I was brainstorming ideas this year I struggled to find an idea that I thought I would be motivated to do and would challenge me photographically.  One of my upgrades this year in photography has been getting Lightroom.  I spent so many years putting it off because I thought I could do what I wanted in Photoshop and would save by not having to upgrade.  I finally bit the bullet a few months back but have been too busy to really use Lightroom or learn it’s capabilities except for experimenting with making some time-lapses.   On New Years day I was sitting down importing all my old photos into Lightroom thinking to catalog them and it struck me a great challenge this year would be reworking some old photos that weren’t very interesting when I took them but can now be made into something incredible with a little work.  So this year I will share with you my journey of learning Lightroom through sharing an image each week that I have reworked along side a portion of the original image so you can get an idea of the changes.

My first image is one I took of the Auckland skyline back in 2014 showing the original and reworked photos



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