Out & About – New Zealand Birds

In this post rather than sharing images just from one photo shoot I have collected photos of New Zealand Birds that I have taken, mostly in the last year.  We have an incredible variety of birdlife in New Zealand, with many unique to our shores and a number of the ones featured here are also on the endangered list.

Out & About: Western Springs Birdlife

In the last several years living in Auckland I have never gone to Western Springs Park.  During the kids school holidays I took the kids there to explore and was surprised at the abundance of bird life that was there.  Here are just a few of the local residents that I captured while wandering with the kids.  I plan to get back there more often and try and capture some of the more elusive birds when I have a chance.

Out & About – Butterfly Creek

After finding the Butterfly House at West Lynn Gardens and enjoying taking photos there I decided to head over to the Butterfly Creek Butterfly House for a chance for a more diverse selection of butterflies.  Shooting there was a lot more challenging than the first one as the butterflies were more active and the butterfly house was hot and humid to allow for the tropical butterflies to survive.  Here are a few of my favourite shots. Continue reading

Out & About – Zoo

This year again my daughter wanted to go to the zoo for her birthday.  At about the same time I bought myself a little telephoto lens that I wanted to try out, so the zoo seemed like a good testing ground.  I was nervous about going with just one lens so added a wide angle one to my bag which ended up being a deadweight for my day.  I am looking forward to heading out to the Zoo again soon to enjoy the diversity of the animals and catch a few more shots.

Out & About: West Lynn Gardens Butterfly House

Last year my son got invited to a fairy birthday party at the West Lynn Gardens & Butterfly House.  He turned the invitation down (at that age where he’s not that interested in going to a girls fairy party), but since I had never heard about the gardens before I put it on my list of places to visit.  We finally got there during the holidays and I enjoyed it so much I snuck down there to do photos another morning while the kids were busy.

Out & About: Wrights Water Gardens

This summer I picked a few new places to explore with my children around Auckland as a part of our holiday fun.  The first place we went was to Wrights Water Gardens. It is a beautiful garden built in a natural gully in rural Auckland.  It was a fun place to wander around as well as photograph with a large number of interesting things to look at from the waterfall and water lilies to the animals, fish and turtles alongside all the plants.