Microstock Anniversary 2020

Over the last couple of years I have been pretty slack with my microstock portfolios. I have been sporadic and uploading in bulk a couple of times a year.  In around August last year I decided to be a bit more dedicated, to my photography.  I decided to take time each week just to go out and take photos.  In doing so I also decided to upload any suitable images weekly. Depending on how busy I was I usually uploaded somewhere between 5 and 20 photos a week. I had heard somewhere it makes a difference to do it on regular basis and it definitely did. Continue reading

Microstock Anniversary 2018

This year my stock journey has been going in fits and starts.  Some months I was super inspired, motivated and active in shooting stock and video, other months the business of life took over and I barely had time to pick up my camera.  I had great intentions to grow my portfolio, focus on different content and create more footage.  To some degrees I managed this, doing more lifestyle and outdoor shoots and a combination of video, time-lapse and photography during some of the shoots, on the other hand I feel I still have a long way to go.

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Microstock Anniversary 2017

I am not sure how to feel this year as I come up to three years since I started submitting my images to microstock agencies.  First thought was has it only been three years since I started all this, it seems like so long ago. Secondly I thought about how much I’ve learned and the great improvement to my photography since I started.  I look forward to sharing some tips with you soon. Continue reading

Microstock Inspiration and Research

Part of becoming a successful stock photographer is providing images that people want.  When I first started out one of the tips I remember from reading Rob Sylvans book “Take Stock” was get a note book and write down your ideas.

I did that and started brain storming and creating images, uploading and waiting for sales. Unfortunately I forgot one important thing.  Research.  pretty quickly I started refining which images to shoot depending on how many were available on line. Continue reading

Microstock Anniversary 2015

It has been one year now since I started submitting work to micro stock libraries. With a one year old on my hip I was in need to something to get the creative juices flowing as well as give me freedom to work when I want while doing something I enjoy.  Microstock seemed like a good option to try out.  I know a lot of professional photographers despise micro stock and think it is ruining their business, and I am not here to argue a point, just to share my experience along the way.

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