Out & About – Zoo

This year again my daughter wanted to go to the zoo for her birthday.  At about the same time I bought myself a little telephoto lens that I wanted to try out, so the zoo seemed like a good testing ground.  I was nervous about going with just one lens so added a wide angle one to my bag which ended up being a deadweight for my day.  I am looking forward to heading out to the Zoo again soon to enjoy the diversity of the animals and catch a few more shots.

What Type of Photographer Are You?

As a photographer it took me a long time to understand what type of photographer I was.   My grandmother had given me her SLR camera when I was a teenager and I loved taking photos with it, but as a broke teenager and young adult I was put off by the cost of it.  When digital photography arrived and I got my first digital camera, and pretty quickly afterwards a DSLR I feel in love with the medium and started my journey in photography.  In the beginning I didn’t excel at what I did, I struggled through different types of photography, trying out all sorts of things but not coming back with the results I wanted. Continue reading