Experimenting: Flat Lay

A technique I have played with in the last year, especially on rainy days when I can’t get out and about so much to take photos is flat lay, and knolling. The results –


Out & About: Parnell Rose Gardens

The Parnell Rose Gardens are in full bloom at the moment. Last weekend I dragged the family there to wander around and enjoy the roses.  Here are a few of my favourite shots.

Long Exposure Photography

I have been experimenting with long exposure photography for the last couple of years and finally thought I should put a bit of an album together and share a few simple tips for long exposure photography:

  • Use a tripod
  • Experiment with ND filters
  • Shutter speeds should be 1/15th of a second or longer
  • Find a subject that has some movement in it (water, clouds, people etc)
  • Experiment with the length of exposure
  • It’s not as hard as it looks

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