Food Photography Technical Tips

Here I want to sum up some of the things that I have learnt about the technical side food photography, and the methods I use when shooting.

Vary the camera angle
For the most part I take at least 3 different angles of my food moving from the front to 45-degree angle then above it. This can also include use of wider shots or close up and macro shots. Use the different angles to enhance the feature and texture of the food. Continue reading

Food Photography: Lighting

One of the most important things in food photography, and making your food look better is the lighting.  You can see below to different samples of 6 images with different lighting in each.  In these photos I have changed the lighting direction or number of lights in each one to let you see what difference lighting can make.  I have not processed these images at all except to crop them and in all but one of the images the camera was in the same place.  Continue reading

Experiment: Time-Lapse

This year I decided I wanted to venture out and try some different sorts of photography and something that really captured my attention was the idea of forms of motion photography.  I haven’t discovered yet all the things that might fully entail but I have already started working on some ideas for different projects including:

  • forms of time-lapse
  • cinemagraph
  • astrophotography and star trails
  • long exposure photography
  • high speed photography

So I hope this year to share with you at least one of my experiments each month.

The first project I decided on was a time-lapse – that is capturing hundreds of photos over an extended period of time and compiling them together into a movie clip.  After looking into making one I was surprised how easy (relatively speaking) it was to start out.    I was also pleasantly surprised that the only additional thing I needed other than a camera and a tripod was a free app on my mobile called TriggerTrap and a cable. After going through a couple of candles and getting the timing right I managed to get something that worked.