Microstock Anniversary 2018

This year my stock journey has been going in fits and starts.  Some months I was super inspired, motivated and active in shooting stock and video, other months the business of life took over and I barely had time to pick up my camera.  I had great intentions to grow my portfolio, focus on different content and create more footage.  To some degrees I managed this, doing more lifestyle and outdoor shoots and a combination of video, time-lapse and photography during some of the shoots, on the other hand I feel I still have a long way to go.

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Out & About: Northland

During the last holidays we went on a family holiday near my family in Northland at Te Ngaere Bay.  I packed my camera and snuck early a few mornings and dragged the kids out for a drive some afternoons to give me a chance to do something I enjoy.  As always I when I am around home I was not disappointed.

Out & About: Bay of Islands

Growing up in the Bay of Islands I was very spoilt it is sometimes easy to forget how stunning it is… Here is a compilation of some of my favourite images I have taken over the years. I hope to find some time during my family visits to pop out and capture some more of the stunning places it has to offer.

Out & About: Motat Nights

Last week I took my kids to MOTAT Nights, to stroll around and look at the lights and enjoy a step back in time.  The boys loved listening to stories and explanations from Grandpa while my baby girl chased bubbles and played on the phone in the red phone booth.  Here are a few of my favourite shots from the evening.

Out & About: Syria

Just over 10 years ago I had the incredible opportunity to take a trip to Syria.  For various reasons it has a bit of a bad reputation now, but I wanted to share with you a few of the photos I took of Syria in the past.  The Syria I remember is full of hospitable, friendly people, beautiful heritage and diverse landscape.  Here are just a few shots of Damascus, Palmyra and the desert.

Out & About: Cornwall Park

I have lived in Auckland for three years now and find that I have not really explored it, I guess settling a young family made me a bit preoccupied.  Now that my youngest has started kindy I have decided that I want to get out and about more and explore some of the parks and attractions.  My first expedition was to Cornwall Park and One Tree Hill.    It’s a great place to go for a walk, take the kids to play or meet up for coffee and enjoy a bit of nature in the middle of the city.


Food Photography: Lighting

One of the most important things in food photography, and making your food look better is the lighting.  You can see below to different samples of 6 images with different lighting in each.  In these photos I have changed the lighting direction or number of lights in each one to let you see what difference lighting can make.  I have not processed these images at all except to crop them and in all but one of the images the camera was in the same place.  Continue reading