Out & About: Syria

Just over 10 years ago I had the incredible opportunity to take a trip to Syria.  For various reasons it has a bit of a bad reputation now, but I wanted to share with you a few of the photos I took of Syria in the past.  The Syria I remember is full of hospitable, friendly people, beautiful heritage and diverse landscape.  Here are just a few shots of Damascus, Palmyra and the desert.

Out & About: Cairo

I spent the first 6 years of my married life living in Cairo – know as mother of the world.  It captured my heart and imagination as I wandered the streets looking up at towering minarets and listening to the call to prayer, ducking through old doors and hailing a cab from street corners.  Going around every corner and crossing every street was an adventure and new experience and although I did not capture enough of this city that became my home I will share a few shots here of some of the places I visited during my days there.  Continue reading