The Photographic Journey to your Niche

When I first started out in photography I would never have guessed where it would lead me.  Initially my perspective was quite narrow and I didn’t expect that I would be able to get any where with it – weddings, portraits, travel and journalistic photography were what came to mind, or some kind of boring product photography of tins day after day.

Not long after I brought my first DSLR I also married and had a handful of kids.  Not much chance of becoming a world travelling photographer after that.  Fast forward a couple of years and I decided to take some photography papers to keep my mind active and develop my skills.  In the process of doing that I inadvertently stumbled upon what type of photography I preferred – still life.  That led me to try food and conceptual photography while experimenting with microstock.  And the shoe fit – for this time and season at least.

So what have I learnt along the way?

1.  Experiment with all different types of photography, even if you aren’t initially interested in it, you might find you love it.  I never thought I would be into “cheesy” conceptual photography for things like cards, but I have particularly enjoyed creating the images like these.

2.  Once you find an area of photography you are passionate about start studying photographers and experimenting with style.  These images below show you how my style has developed over the last year with photos of the same thing taken in different ways.  I plan to keep trying different styles and challenging myself.

3.  Work with what you love and what you are able to do where you are at right now.  I have always loved baking and crafts and that has become a major part of the still life images I create now.  Check out my portfolios to see more examples.


2 thoughts on “The Photographic Journey to your Niche

  1. Thanks for this writeUp. It is a great motivation for a person like me. I hope I could figure out and follow my genre too.


    1. Thanks for dropping by and commenting. I always love checking out different photographers and seeing what I like about their style and then try and create some thing that would give that same kind of mood or effect. It really helps me pin point the styles I like.

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