Improving as a photographer

A couple of years ago I made a list to help me grow in my photography, inspire me and challenge me in the way I wanted to shoot, I was reading back over my notes and thought I needed a bit of a reminder, so I thought I would share it here.

  • I have something unique to offer
  • work hard at it
  • get up early for the best light
  • take time to plan
  • research and brainstorm
  • step out of my comfort zone
  • be proactive and initiate what I want to do
  • experiement and try new things
  • pursue style
  • shoot with the best
  • glean all I can from people with experience
  • work on a project every week or even every day
  • nurture the desire and feed it with knowledge
  • practice and be active

One of the things I think about with this is the idea of transformation and my favourite is the transformation of a caterpillar to butterfly.  At the beginning you spend your time eating up knowledge (like the caterpillar), then it stays with you for a while you digest it and process it (like in the cocoon) then when the process is finished something beautiful comes out, transforming or changing the way you do things.  I think this analogy can be used not just in life but also in our learning and creative process.

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