You might have noticed last year that I haven’t been sharing much.  A while back I was reading about an amazing photographer and wanting to see more of their work.  When I enquired about a website a friend responded, they are too busy shooting to get their website finished.  It struck a cord in me and I decided that this year I wanted to spend more time shooting and less time behind the computer.  I decided to simplify – I shut down my food blog, set up a bunch of posts for this site, brainstormed photoshoots, locations and ideas and left the realm of cyberspace to do the work for me while I headed out with my camera.

So what was the result?

I spent more time shooting, learning and trying new things with my photography and enjoyed the process of creating with out expectations on myself in other areas. I spent more time outdoors (mostly walking around the neighbourhood due to lockdown) and less doing still life and food photography. It felt so much more fulfilling and I feel as a result there is a better quality to my work, as I was not focussing on getting numbers, but rather capturing moments and seeing the beauty in the little things.

I haven’t gone back on this idea, and will continue to focus more on the photography, but will take time to post some of my projects or explorations as I go.

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