Microstock Anniversary 2021

Well looking back on last year it was definitely something non of us expected. Honestly I didn’t upload much, or do much photography. Instead I was able to finish my BA in Multimedia when the last paper I had left to do went online. Definitely time well invested even if it wasn’t in stock. Hopefully in the coming year I will have time to refocus my energy and find time to get back to being creative. 

Sales Statistics

Company: % of income % of sales
iStock Photo
23.1%   ↓
32.7%   ↓
32.9%   ↑
0.8%     ↓
3.4%     ↑
4.8%     ↑
2%        ↓
0.3%     ↓
37.7%   ↓
28.6%   ↓
20.6%   ↑
1%        ↓
3.2%     ↓
4.9%     ↑
3.5%     ↓
0.5%     ↑

Annual Best Sellers

Good Sellers from New Photos

Milestones & Highlights

– An invasion of Monarch Butterflies and Caterpillars on our deck during lockdown
– Having fun out in the city (when we weren’t in lockdown)
– Having time complete something I started a long time ago

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