Out & About: Cairo

I spent the first 6 years of my married life living in Cairo – know as mother of the world.  It captured my heart and imagination as I wandered the streets looking up at towering minarets and listening to the call to prayer, ducking through old doors and hailing a cab from street corners.  Going around every corner and crossing every street was an adventure and new experience and although I did not capture enough of this city that became my home I will share a few shots here of some of the places I visited during my days there.  Continue reading

Out & About: Auckland Zoo

Over the Christmas break I saw a little point and shoot camera on sale 1/2 price and decided to upgrade and pass my old point and shoot that I rarely used on to my Mum.  As it was summer holidays and my little girls 3rd birthday we decided to take her on her first trip to the zoo.  With three kids and the grandparents in tow we explored the Auckland Zoo armed only with my new point and shoot and ALOT of snacks to keep the kids going for the day.  Despite spending the most part of the day chasing after three kids and getting pulled in different directions I did manage to take a few photos and was quite happy with the result.  I am looking forward to going another time on a solo mission armed with more camera gear a less food.

Composition: Break the Rules

I have heard it said that to become a great photographer (or artist) you have to know the rules, but then you also have to know when and how to break them.  I have to admit that I am not much of a rule breaker when it comes to photography, I have a natural affinity with doing things the “right way” and not using the boundaries.  After looking through my work I did find that at times I did break the rules in subtle ways because I thought it looked good, so here are a few samples of work that I don’t think fit into the bounds of my composition guidelines. This is an area I could push myself more in in the future.

Continue reading

Photography: My Kit

There is always big discussions among photographers about their gear – what’s best, what they choose and why.  As some one who loves photography, but doesn’t have the budget of a full time photographer my choice of gear reflects my desire to get the best quality I can with out breaking the bank.  I have carefully researched all my options each time I have bought equipment and made a decision on what I think would best suit my needs. So what’s in my bag?  Continue reading