The Heart Behind AG Creations

I remember watching the movie “Eat Pray Love” a few years back and being struck by the scene where some one says something like “I asked who are you not what do you do”.  I spent a long time thinking about that concept.  I have often defined myself by what I do and not who I am.  And although this blog driven by my passion for photography that is not where it ends.  I am essentially a creative heart that loves exploring the diverse world that God has given us.

This has led me on an interesting journey in my life, travelling extensively, learning two languages, studying media and photography, marrying a pastor, living by faith, working as a designer, a chef, a photographer and now a mother (of 3).

Having three youngsters in the house keeps me pretty busy and one of the things I have taken on to keep my sanity is photography.  It gives me a creative outlet, keeps me sharp and feeds my soul by doing something I love.

The extensions of that are my stock photography and this blog in which I plan to share some of my journey including things I’m learning, experiences, photos and inspiration.

I look forward to sharing it with you.

3 thoughts on “The Heart Behind AG Creations

  1. Hey Angela, Really inspiring to see your development in photography as well as putting up a blog site and all the technical stuff that goes with it. I too am just venturing in a small way into photography. Last year on the mission field, I needed some sort of creative outlet and a bringing a simple camera on my walks around the farm at Maziotela provided that. I too am wondering about setting up a blog page but not sure yet as I first need to get a handle on the requirements of this first year of missions in a new place (not far from the farm) focusing on learning the language, Portuguese.
    Well done in achieving this as well as managing a family and 3 young children!
    Blessings, Mary-Pat


    1. Thanks Mary-Pat, I will email you with some details for setting something up to make it easy for you. Prayers and blessings to you as you start this new season in your life.


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