Microstock Anniversary 2015

It has been one year now since I started submitting work to micro stock libraries. With a one year old on my hip I was in need to something to get the creative juices flowing as well as give me freedom to work when I want while doing something I enjoy.  Microstock seemed like a good option to try out.  I know a lot of professional photographers despise micro stock and think it is ruining their business, and I am not here to argue a point, just to share my experience along the way.

What I learned – To start off with photographically it has challenged me and I have learned a lot.  When I look at some of my first images I wonder what I was thinking. – It has also helped me to become more active in my photography and to keep up my skill – It has helped me find my area of passion in photography and develop that skill.

Some interesting info on my images:

Most sales (27) –

Most income ($8.50) –

Biggest one off sale ($6) –

(my personal favourite stock image to date is the dutch waffles with tea and flowers above)

Some Highlights and Milestones

– selling my first image, then 100 and 200 images
– making my first $100
– making a submission with no images rejected

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