Losing your hard Work

I have been doing digital photography now for 12 years, and all that time I have been lulled into a false sense of “that will never happen to me” when it comes to losing your images, having your laptop suddenly die on you or one of those nightmarish situations.  I always used to have a smug look when people complained some thing bad like that happened.  I had these thoughts flashing through my mind about how they didn’t know what they were doing. Then this week I set up a photo shoot,

in the back of my mind I thought I should do it tethered, I should change the battery in my camera ( it was a bit low) I should format my card before I start… BUT I didn’t.

After a full mornings work, prepping, setting up and shooting I was at the very end and the battery was giving me the warning signal.  But instead of stopping and changing it I thought – just this last one… hence the battery went flat and corrupted the card.  My carelessness and maybe just coincidence caused that moment of shock horror and stress before the problem solver kicked in to work on recovery.  The kids got an earful, hubby looked at me sympathetically before escaping and I became one of “those people” that had the unspeakable happen to them. Thankfully I was able to run some recovery software and get all that work back.  On the downside my morning of work turned into an all day affair and all the other plans for the day got put aside.

So what is the take away from all of this?

  • Don’t be lazy – format the card, change the battery, tether to your laptop
  • Listen to your inner voice
  • Back Up regularly so what ever you may lose will be minimal
  • It can happen to anyone



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