Photography: Light Painting

I have a preference towards using a wide aperture all of the time, so one of the things I decided I needed to challenge myself with and remind myself of is all the great things you can do when you play with shutter speed.  One of the fun projects I have done is playing with light painting.  This can come in many forms, from big outdoor projects to fun in a little dark room.

The key to light painting is:

  • a dark place
  • tripod
  • remote shutter release (or use the timer function)
  • a camera that allows you to adjust shutter speeds and
  • a variety of lights to work with to light your subject matter.

In this series I used fairy lights in the background and small torches to highlight and colour the areas that I wanted to emphasise.  I closed all the doors in the hallway to make it dark and set about experimenting with the different effects I could create with the different torches I had.


Other Ways to be Creative with Shutterspeed:
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