Photography: Carting the Gear

Since I got my first camera I have had a variety of bags.  The backpack, satchel, shoulder bag and the fashion camera bag have all been through my bag “wardrobe” over the years.  After trying different ones I found what I liked and disliked and worked out some of the aspects I wanted in a camera bag.  Those features include:

  • easy to access the camera on the spur of the moment
  • comfortable to carry
  • fits my kit (a couple of lens, camera and accessories)
  • able to hold my laptop for when I need it on the job or travel
  • not to obvious it’s a camera bag especially for travelling
  • can be a multi-purpose bag when it’s not just a photography outing
  • allows me to travel light when I have three children in tow

At the moment I have found two bags that I am extremely happy with that fit these needs.

Backpack – from Lowepro

This bag has been my go to bag for years.  I love the side pocket for the camera that allows you to access it with out taking your backpack off, the fact it can fit my laptop and tablet if necessary and is a comfortable carry for the long haul. The downside is that there are no separate compartments or padding for extra lenses or accessories.  I overcame this by getting lens pouches that I can put in anywhere.



This is a great bag for longer travelling, hiking and those longer excursions when you want something easier to carry.

Fashion Camera Bag – from Jo Totes

Since getting this bag I have been extremely satisfied with it.  I love that I can throw in my camera, wallet and phone and head out to the city, a meeting or work with something that looks good.  Its big enough to carry my gear and laptop if I need to take it to a job but still small enough to carry on my shoulder.

This is a great bag for everyday, heading out and about in the city and for those business meetings.



One of the bonuses of this combination is that I can take both bags together as carry-ons when travelling and then have the flexibility to swap and change things around depending on the need when I reach my destination.

Once again this is my personal opinion and I am not being paid to promote these products, I like what I got and they meet my needs.  I hope you will be able to find things that you love as well to cart around the tools of your trade.

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