Experiment: Time-Lapse

This year I decided I wanted to venture out and try some different sorts of photography and something that really captured my attention was the idea of forms of motion photography.  I haven’t discovered yet all the things that might fully entail but I have already started working on some ideas for different projects including:

  • forms of time-lapse
  • cinemagraph
  • astrophotography and star trails
  • long exposure photography
  • high speed photography

So I hope this year to share with you at least one of my experiments each month.

The first project I decided on was a time-lapse – that is capturing hundreds of photos over an extended period of time and compiling them together into a movie clip.  After looking into making one I was surprised how easy (relatively speaking) it was to start out.    I was also pleasantly surprised that the only additional thing I needed other than a camera and a tripod was a free app on my mobile called TriggerTrap and a cable. After going through a couple of candles and getting the timing right I managed to get something that worked.


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