Food Photography Setting the Mood

In my last food photography post I talked about using light, this time I want to build on that and show some examples of how to create different moods in your food photography. The three main areas that I work with when setting the mood for my photo are basically the use of each of the areas I have talked about in the last three posts in this series.

  • Your Setup – what kind of background / table top you are going to use
  • Your Props – what colours, styles and details you add to the image
  • Your Lighting – how you light the image to enhance the image

As you can see I have just baked a batch of muffins with different cupcake papers and changed the table top colour in the image to create something that looks different.

I have chosen in this series to focus on using 4 different styles or moods but the possibilities and combinations are only limited by your imagination.  I hope you will enjoy expanding your creativity and experimenting with different feelings and mood you can create with your food photography.

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If you are interested in what gear I use check out the post about my kit
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