Food Photography Props and Styling

Once you have set up your space for doing food photography another important thing to look at is what props you will use.  This will depend on the style and mood you are trying to create and what will suit the food you are presenting.

Surfaces & Boards – I discussed this a little in the last post but this area can definitely be expanded on and used in layers with linens and fabrics.  My collection includes table mats, cutting boards, pieces of wood and tiles.


Utensils and Cutlery – depending on what you are photographing you will need a variety of cutlery and utensils.  I personally tend to have more cake forks, little knives and teaspoons that are suitable for baked goods.


Linens and Fabrics – these are a great way to bring some colour and texture into your photos and can include napkins, tea towels, table cloths and off cuts of material.



Plates, Bowls and Serving Dishes – this is the main dish that will make the food the “hero” of your scene.  There are so many styles, colours and shapes crockery that you have endless possibilities to choose from.



Background Props – for me my background props include teapots, cups and saucers, glasses, jars, jugs, baking pans, flowers, paper serving wear and basically anything that would add character, style or meaning to the photo.

Sourcing all these props could seem daunting.  I would recommend a few carefully selected items to start with that work well together and can mix and match.  After that you will have the freedom to add what you want when you find it.  Since I am not making a living from food photography I have a budget to match and most of my props (unless they are things I will use personally) have been found at the op shop for a bit of spare change.

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