Food Photography Technical Tips

Here I want to sum up some of the things that I have learnt about the technical side food photography, and the methods I use when shooting.

Vary the camera angle
For the most part I take at least 3 different angles of my food moving from the front to 45-degree angle then above it. This can also include use of wider shots or close up and macro shots. Use the different angles to enhance the feature and texture of the food.

Keep it Focussed
Always make sure your image is focussed and there is no camera shake, this may mean you need to use a tripod.  Personally I always use a tripod so I can easily make adjustments to my scene with out losing my frame.

Use Depth of Field
Know when to use a shallow depth of field or have the whole image in focus.

Use Colour
Work with complimentary or contrasting colours to create interest and make parts of your image stand out.

Contrasting Colours

Complimentary Colours

Develop your style
There are many styles of food photography and as photographers / artists it is important to develop your style or signature type of food photography.

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If you are interested in what gear I use check out my kit

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