Composition: Break the Rules

I have heard it said that to become a great photographer (or artist) you have to know the rules, but then you also have to know when and how to break them.  I have to admit that I am not much of a rule breaker when it comes to photography, I have a natural affinity with doing things the “right way” and not using the boundaries.  After looking through my work I did find that at times I did break the rules in subtle ways because I thought it looked good, so here are a few samples of work that I don’t think fit into the bounds of my composition guidelines. This is an area I could push myself more in in the future.

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Composition: Cropping

Usually I would consider cropping as a part of post production in my work flow, but there is much to be said for taking the time to “crop” your images while you are taking them.  Simply put you pay more attention to what is happening in the image and try to remove distracting elements, move in closer or change your perspective to create a tighter cropped image with more focus on the main subject.
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Composition: Beware of Mergers

This is a very simple thing photographers should be aware of when taking photos, but it is so easy to be distracted with your main subject you forget to check the rest of the frame for mergers.  The most common places people would notice mergers would be something like a tree or pole coming out of some ones head or things cutting into the edge of the frame.  Sometimes mergers can not be avoided, but more often than not a simple changing of your position or that or your subject can solve the problem. Continue reading