Composition Printable

One of the things that will help improve your photography is working on your composition.  When I teach an introduction to photography I cover composition tips and give the students this little print out they can carry around with them to remind them of some of the keys to keep in mind.  I plan to do more in-depth posts on each of these areas starting next month, but for now I hope this little printable will be a good reference for you.


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Photography: Light Painting

I have a preference towards using a wide aperture all of the time, so one of the things I decided I needed to challenge myself with and remind myself of is all the great things you can do when you play with shutter speed.  One of the fun projects I have done is playing with light painting.  This can come in many forms, from big outdoor projects to fun in a little dark room. Continue reading

Microstock Inspiration and Research

Part of becoming a successful stock photographer is providing images that people want.  When I first started out one of the tips I remember from reading Rob Sylvans book “Take Stock” was get a note book and write down your ideas.

I did that and started brain storming and creating images, uploading and waiting for sales. Unfortunately I forgot one important thing.  Research.  pretty quickly I started refining which images to shoot depending on how many were available on line. Continue reading